Lash Tinting

Add this to your lash perm service for great results

Naturally brown lashes may be darker near the roots, but surprisingly pale on the tips.
When the natural lashes are tinted, this will even out color from root to the tip.
  Lashes will look longer.
Pale lashes will be enhanced.  Before the tint the lashes look invisible. 
After the tint it looks like mascara has been applied.

This treatment can be used on both women and men.
Tinting can be done on permed lashes or non permed lashes.

Tint is easy to apply
as little as 10 minutes
up to 20 minutes
Our Tint comes in 3 colors
"Black", "Blue/Black" & "Brown"

Intensity of color is determined by the amount of time left on the hair.
Soft color less amount of time
Richer / deeper color more amount of time

Our tints are designed for the eye area
Very Safe
with no sting. 
made from a vegetable/plant base

2 part mixture
no drip formula (stays in place)

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Perfect to dye blonde pale lashes befor applying Lash-Extensions
Perfect  for Men or Women